Learn how to use our API on this page.

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Domain Whitelisting

In order to use the API on your frontend system, you will need to add your domain on the admin panel. If not, you will not be able to make calls to your own API.


For the calls, you need to replace domain_key to identify your account. This key can be found in your admin panel > manage domains.

Listing SVG Icons

This endpoint lists icons by the searched term.

GET /v1/{{domain_key}}/list/?search=apple

Call above will list 10 most likely search results for the term "apple" by default. You can use `%20` or plus (+) if your term contains multiple words. Also you can change the quantity of the icons you want to list.

GET /v1/{{domain_key}}/list/?search=apple&limit=20

The parameter `limit` will control the quantity of listed icons, this value can be between 1-20.

If the search result count is more than the limit, you can make a next page call to get more results, see the "next" property of your JSON output. Or use `start` parameter to specify the starting index of the listing.

GET /v1/{{domain_key}}/list/?search=apple&limit=20&start=40

Above call will list 20 icons starting with 40th index. Or 3rd page page of the most relevant icons with `apple` term.

Development Usage

By default you can only fetch the API by your domain on frontend JavaScript. If you would like to fetch the API via a backend scripting language, you will need to toggle Development mode in your control panel. But make sure not to expose your domain_key when Development mode is toggled as others having access to it can use your call credit.